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Lisa’s Pastina in Brodo

There are a few well known tropes that go along with not feeling well if you are Italian. The first is the celebrated (or dreaded, depending on how you feel about this tradition!) camomilla– chamomile tea. The second is Pastina in Brodo– basically small pasta in
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Lisa’s Winter Minestrone

Lisa’s Winter Minestrone is a very hearty and satisfying soup- a meal in a bowl! With healthy ingredients, including cannellini beans and Swiss Chard, this soup also freezes beautifully. It’s a great soup to make during the holidays when you have many people coming
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Lisa’s Butternut Squash Soup for Thanksgiving

Every year, as a precursor to the traditional Thanksgiving Dinner, Lisa makes her celebrated Butternut Squash Soup. It’s known among all of Lisa’s American and Italian friends, especially because all the Italian guests she has hosted at her Thanksgiving table over the
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