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Lisa’s Tomato Pie

Lisa’s memories of Naples, Italy harken back to her childhood. Her parents moved to Naples in the 1950s, before she was born, and lived there for many years. Later, after she was born, Lisa would go back to Naples with her parents for summer vacations and trips her father
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Lisa’s Lasagne al Forno (the real Italian lasagne!)

There is a world of difference between Italian-American lasagne and lasagne in Italy (the real Italian lasagna!). Italian-American lasagne is mostly cheese: ricotta, mozzarella, and parmigiano. Although no one can be sure, presumably this is another example of Italian-Americans
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Pasta al Tonno – Pasta with Tomato and Tuna Sauce!

Pasta al Tonno
  Looking for an easy weeknight dinner? Lisa has you covered with her Pasta al Tonno- Pasta with Tomato and Tuna Sauce! Watch Lisa make the full recipe on the Lisa’s Italian Kitchen YouTube channel here. Tante belle cose, buon appetito, e tutti a tavola!
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Lisa’s Lasagne in Bianco (White Lasagne)

As some of you know, Sunday Dinner Lovers, Lisa worked in Alessandria, a post-World War II town in Northern Italy, in the early 1990s. When Lisa arrived, her mother called to ask how she was settling in. Lisa responded- “Mom, there’s no red sauce here! I don’t
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Sicilian Rolled Peppers

Sicilian rolled peppers are a classic Italian appetizer that I’ve always served at my dinner parties. It’s what I like to call agrodolce- a sweet/savory taste that is so typical of the Western part of the Sicilian island where my maternal grandmother’s family
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Lisa’s Stuffed Tomatoes

Stuffed tomatoes are an excellent side dish, or contorno, as Lisa calls them, with the Italian word, in her Sunday Dinner menus. The Besciamella Sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, and spinach make them absolutely delicious too. Lisa first discovered these recipes while visiting
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