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Lisa’s Italian Parfaits with Espresso

As my children always tease me, “Mom please, not another parfait!” I confess, I’m a bit obsessed with this dessert! It’s just so versatile and easy, and you can vary it as you like- switch out the amaretto cookies for cantuccini, substitute espresso with
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Lisa’s Mom’s Rum Cake

Lisa’s father’s favorite dessert was her mother’s Rum Cake. He was forever asking her when she was making it again! Those of us who are Italian-American know that we have a strange love affair with rum. It mysteriously appears in a number of our desserts! (And
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Lisa’s Plum Upside Down Cake

One of the most iconic and romantic moments of Italian-American cinema is when Al Pacino, as Michael Corleone, meets Apollonia Vitelli, the love of his life, in the Sicilian countryside. After this “colpo di fulmine”, as the Italians call it, Michael and his
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