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LIK Healthy Italian Appetizers - Tagliere

Healthy Italian Appetizers: An Italian Tagliere Feast

  As I’ve mentioned before, one of our favorite Sunday Dinner traditions at Casa Caponigri is aperitivo and apericena. The Italian, Mediterranean diet offers so many options for healthy Italian appetizers – from cheeses to cured meats or dried fruits, to crostini and roasted vegetables. Everywhere you go in Italy, there is an abundance of healthy Italian appetizers to choose from. Below, I spotlight my famed Tagliere; an Italian board full of great healthy
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Italian Holiday Pranzo for Christmas Sunday Dinner

Christmas Sunday Dinner: An Italian Holiday Pranzo

Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, which makes it a perfect opportunity to create a hallmark Sunday dinner found at most Italian-American tables: Holiday Pranzo! For my family, that means a Sunday dinner menu of cheese lasagna alongside beef tenderloin, broccoli rabe with pine nuts and raisins, and tiramisu or zuccotto for dessert. While you might have both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners planned out, there’s still the issue of what to cook guests,
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Gnocchi Holiday Dinner Idea

Holiday Sunday Dinner: Lisa’s Classic Italian Gnocchi Recipe

One of my family’s favorite ideas for Sunday Dinner is gnocchi. When my children were younger we would always reserve gnocchi, and it would be an all-day family affair. Now, you might be thinking,  ‘Gnocchi?! Isn’t that ridiculously hard to make?’ The answer is, no! Below, I share my Sunday dinner recipe for gnocchi, with some recent tips my family and I incorporated after making them often during the pandemic.
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Sunday Dinner Idea: Apericena

Apericena: An Italian Sunday Dinner Idea

Apericena, or a combined feast of aperitivo and cena, is my daughter’s favorite Sunday dinner idea. She discovered this tradition when she studied abroad during law school at Bocconi in Milan, where Aperol Spritz and buffets are plentiful on the Navigli. Spending frosty February and March evenings and then hot summer nights later in the semester at spots on the Ripa di Porta Ticinese soon became a favorite pastime of my daughter’s. She soon also discovered other
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Sunday Family Dinner Ideas from Lisa’s Italian Kitchen

As a second-generation Italian-American, Lisa grew up with the tradition of Sunday Dinner and the Sunday family dinner ideas that accompanied that tradition. For Lisa and her family, Sunday was a time to disconnect from the rest of the world and reconnect with family and friends. As Lisa raised her own three children in the United States and in Italy, she kept Sundays sacred for her family, making sure to cook together and dream together each Sunday in the kitchen. But
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Lisa's Meatball Sauce Recipe

Lisa’s Italian Kitchen Meatball Sauce Recipe

Enjoy an authentic Italian dinner with my Three-Meat Neapolitan-style Meatball recipe. It's so good, you will want to make this recipe over and over again!
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LIK Types of Pasta Sauce

Types of Pasta Sauce in Lisa’s Italian Kitchen

Making a healthy, hearty meal during the week can be difficult, hence why jarred types of pasta sauce are convenient choices for the whole family. However, finding a sauce that’s quick, organic, and flavorful seems almost impossible! With Lisa’s Italian Kitchen Sunday Sauce line, I offer 4 types of pasta sauce that are sure to please everyone! Here, I spotlight each sauce with fun recipes and useful tips on how to use them in your kitchen.
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LIK Pranzo di Ferragosto - Five Course Meal

Pranzo di Ferragosto – Five Course Meal

One of the biggest cultural differences between the U.S. and Italy is the month of August. While Americans take their children back to school, college students move into dorms and we’re at work, Italians shut down their offices – some for the whole month! During that time, they head to the beach, mountains, or other places around Italy to relax and unplug from everyday stress. Recovering from the pandemic has meant that some Italians still work in their offices in
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LIK Peperoni Arrostiti Con Uova in Carozza - Pranzo di Ferragosto

Peperoni Arrostiti con Uova in Carozza

Peperoni Arrostiti Con Uova in Carozza – or eggs in a basket with roasted peppers – is a popular dish enjoyed by Italy and most of Europe. Though a simple meal, my recipe for Peperoni Arrostiti Con Uova in Carozza is a sure-fire hit for the family at any time of day! Explore a classic taste of Italy with my recipe below.
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