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Lisa’s Uova in Carrozza (Italian Eggs in a Basket)

Italian Eggs in a Basket

Do you know the scene in Moonstruck when Loretta comes downstairs after Johnny Cammareri proposes to her? As she shuffles around the kitchen and gets ready to eat with her mother (and talk about the next steps in her life…) Rose Castorini, Loretta’s mother, is making the classic Italian-American breakfast Uova in Carrozza. These Italian Eggs in a Basket are a favorite in Lisa’s house (as is the movie- quotes from Moonstruck are some of the most quoted by Lisa and her children!).  Over the years, she’s put her own spin on them. Now here’s hoping that, as you make them yourself, you’re not interrupted by a call from Sicily from your own Johnny Cammereri- they’re too good to eat cold! Buon Appetito e Tutti a Tavola!

Lisa’s Italian Eggs in a Basket Ingredients:

6 eggs

6 pieces of large, flat Italian bread (such as Turano, round, large boule)

4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Optional:  Roasted red peppers or giardiniera sauce

Lisa’s Italian Eggs in a Basket Directions:

In a large sauté pan, place the olive oil until the butter is melted. Separately, with an inverted coffee cup or glass, cut a circle in the center of each slice of Italian bread. Place as many slices of bread as will fit in the frying pan and toast in the olive oil on each side until golden. When the bread is golden, crack 1 egg in each hole in each slice of bread. Fry until the egg yolk is to your cooking likeness (runny or hard). (If you like your fried egg coated on each side, gently flip the egg and the bread and cook for 30 seconds).

Serve plain with salt and pepper or with roasted peppers on top of the egg.

Italian Eggs in a Basket

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