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Lisa’s Tiramisù with Frutta di Bosco (Wild Berries!)


Tiramisù is a pudding, not a cake! It should be eaten with a spoon as it is soft and whipped. Loving Tiramisù as she does, Lisa has made various versions. You can learn how to make Lisa’s Limoncello Tiramisù on the Lisa’s Italian Kitchen Facebook page and her Classic Tiramisù here. This recipe for Tiramisù includes mixed berries, which are prevalent in Campania (the Italian region where Naples is located)! It’s so easy to make- the younger cooks in your family can help assemble this luscious dessert.

Watch Lisa make this recipe on the Lisa’s Italian Kitchen YouTube channel, and buy This is Sunday Dinner for more regional Italian recipes and menus!

Lisa’s Tiramisù with Frutta di Bosco Ingredients:


16 ounces mascarpone cheese (approximately 2 cups)

6 tablespoons sugar

3 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

3 eggs, separated

3/4 cup créme de cassis liqueur or berry ice wine, excellent quality

24 savoiardi (ladyfinger cookies, imported from Italy)

1 pint raspberries

1 pint blackberries






Lisa’s Tiramisù with Frutta di Bosco Directions:

With a hand mixer, beat the mascarpone, sugar, vanilla, and egg yolks in a bowl.


In a separate, medium-size bowl, beat the egg whites until stiff. Fold the egg whites into the mascarpone mixture very gently, until they are evenly incorporated.



Coat the bottom of a medium-size serving bowl or trifle bowl with 4 tablespoons of the mascarpone mixture.


In a shallow dish, such as a pie plate, pour the crème de cassis. Dip the lady fingers, one by one, into the crème de cassis until they are saturated, but do not fall apart. Place them on top of the mascarpone mixture. Top the ladyfingers with 4 more tablespoons of the mascarpone mixture. Scatter the raspberries and blackberries on top. Repeat with another layer of ladyfingers, then the mascarpone mixture, and then the fresh berries, filling the bowl to the top. Finish the tiramisù with a layer of the mascarpone mixture and the rest of the berries on top. Serve.


About the Author
Lisa Caponigri is the author of This is Sunday Dinner and Whatever Happened to Sunday Dinner?, published by Sterling Epicure. Both of Lisa's cookbooks brim with her memories of living in Italy, both as a child and as an adult raising her own family, anecdotes about her family, regional and seasonal Italian specialties, and all the advice needed to get a spectacular Sunday Dinner on the table, every Sunday of the year. She has developed a line of prepared foods and sauces called Lisa’s Italian Kitchen. Lisa debuted on HSN and has appeared on QVC. She has also appeared on a variety of television programs, including Seattle's New Day Northwest, Good Morning Toronto, Chicago's WGNLunchbreak, and New England Cooks, to name a few. Lisa is frequently consulted as an expert in Italian lifestyle and food. Lisa Caponigri lives in South Bend, IN and travels frequently to Italy to research the latest in "la dolce vita". Visit to learn more about Lisa!